Running Mint xfce Tessa. After migrating to Mint I discovered my realtek RTL8188CE no longer works, or rather instead of 20 down 10 up, gets 1 mbps down.

After running Ben's updates several times, I once found the adapter working perfectly, faster than it did in Windows. However, this reconfiguration must have disappeared in a reboot and I haven't gotten it working again since. (build-essential and lib-gen-headers are installed. This was run using the install script and makefiles.)

I've re-run install several times since and the "i am running this driver" script inside the package shows:

-e [*] You are running the new rtlwifi
-e [*] You are running the new rtl8192c_common
-e [*] You are running the new rtl8192ce

Yet the speed is back to pre-install, nonfunctional levels.

The script seems to consider rt18192c and my adapter equivalent:

if pciDetectsRtl8188ce ; then
    if runningAnyRtl8192c_common; then
        if runningOurRtl8192c_common; then
            runningNew "rtl8192c_common"

I've seen that some others have had trouble getting this fix to stick, but not sure what the solution might be.

  • You probably got it working OK once because you booted using Windows firmware and not these drivers. eg Linux Boot after a Windows warm reset i wonder how people still buy realtek junk – Rui F Ribeiro Mar 3 at 5:51
  • probably very few people, but many people find their laptops use them, as in this case. It is likely the driver was working, actually, because the original Realtek driver caps downloads at 20 mbps. Ben Freedom's version removed this cap, and when it worked, I got downloads of 23 mbps. If anyone has an idea how to get it working again, I would greatly appreciate the input. – senzaDM Mar 3 at 17:56
  • Many people buy them with their laptop, but also as an USB stick. See my related link and you will understand my comments. That is a problematic chipset and Wifi has a lot of complexities to handle, unfortunately. – Rui F Ribeiro Mar 3 at 17:57
  • Ah, thank you for pointing out your link because I missed it the first time. Interesting info. – senzaDM Mar 3 at 19:14

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