I have several files, with different names. no specific format for them. But all are .txt. For example:


They are in the same directory. I want to search for a string line in all the files, e.g. <html>. Then, if found, I want to extract the line where the string found. Then I want to save the search results in a results.txt file as follows:

file name,line

For example, if the string <html> was found in example.txt and abc.com.txt, then the results file will be:

example.txt,<html>[the rest of the line where html is found]
abc.com.txt,<html>[the rest of the line where html is found]

How can I achieve this in linux?

  • How about filename.txt:line-containing-pattern? – roaima Mar 1 at 19:40
  • And you seem to want <html> followed by the remainder of the line. What about any text on the line before the matching word? – roaima Mar 1 at 19:41
  • @steeldriver I prefer comma. But can be anything I guess. Yes, if a match is found, I want the whole line. – user9371654 Mar 1 at 21:02
  • @roaima It think your suggested format works too. But I can not get why not comma? – user9371654 Mar 1 at 21:03
  • @roaima The keyword I search about is not necessarily <html> it can be other words. – user9371654 Mar 1 at 21:03

The grep command will do exactly what you have accepted in the comments. (If you can guarantee there is more than one file, then you can omit -H.)

grep -FH '<html>' *

The -F flag switches off Regular Expression processing, so the string is treated as a literal.

  • How to write the file name where the keyword is found? and the whole line? In an append way? I mean I want all the results in one file. – user9371654 Mar 1 at 21:27
  • That's what it does. Just redirect the output to the target file. – roaima Mar 1 at 21:31

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