How do you format the date time output so that 11:30 is printed as 11.5?

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    Hi, what have you tried so far ? – steve Mar 1 at 16:50
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    you want every possible value of minutes to be truncated to one decimal point? Rounded? – Jeff Schaller Mar 1 at 17:33

Here's one approach.

$ date
Fri Mar  1 19:30:36 STD 2019
$ date '+%H %M' | awk '{ printf "%d.%d\n",$1,$2/60*10 }'

Shorter version

$ date '+%H %M'|awk '{$0=$1"."int($2/6)}1'

A simple solution, using the 12-hour clock, but not including the requisite “AM” / “PM” indicator, is

date +'scale=1; %I + %M/60' | bc

Of course you can capture the output in a variable:

dec_time=$(date +'scale=1; %I + %M/60' | bc)

This simply executes the calculator (bc) with an expression that is hours (%I) plus a fraction of the hour (minutes divided by 60).  scale=1 specifies that you want one decimal digit.  For the 24-hour clock (hour ranges from 0 through 23), use %H instead of %I.

This will not give you any padding (leading zero or space) for hours < 10, and the division truncates down (11:35 will be reported as “11.5”, not “11.6”).

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