After some greping and seding I manage to get a value from a csv cell and assign it to a variable (DBR).

Here come some odd findings

echo $DBR
echo "$DBR",
printf "%f" $DBR


: invalid numbersh: line 25: printf: 9.1
  • thx that was it; if you'd like you can post it as an answer so I can accept it; – pkaramol Mar 1 at 11:40

Your greping and seding has failed to remove a trailing carriage return from the value of DBR (perhaps originating from DOS-style line endings in the original CSV file).

Ex. given

$ printf -vDBR '9.1\r'
$ echo "$DBR" | xxd
00000000: 392e 310d 0a                             9.1..


$ echo $DBR
$ echo "$DBR",
$ printf '%f\n' "$DBR"
: invalid number1

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