I have a monaco font patched for powerline that I downloaded from this repository. Now for licensing issue there are no free version of this font. Anyway, I use tmux which have U+2502 as a separator for vertical split. Now, the monaco font that I have doesn't have this glyph.

I have another font, official latest version of Inconsolata that has a beautiful version of this glyph. I ran into this post from a while ago where one of the answers was to patch the font with that glyph manually with fontforge or similar font editor.

How do I just add one glyph to one font from another font?


I just tried it with fontforge on Windows (already installed), it's pretty straight forward.

  • Open fontforge with the source font, scroll down until you find U+2502.
  • Right click on the glyph -> Copy
  • Open another instance of fontforge with the target font, scroll down to the empty slot for U+2502
  • Right click -> Paste
  • Select File -> Generate Fonts (Ctrl+Shift+G) in the menu, enter a new font name, select True Type, click Generate and click away some warnings.
  • Repeat for each font type (regular, bold, italic, ...)

modified Inconsolata

For testing I used Arial.ttf as source font and inserted the glyph into Inconsolata.ttf of your second link (didn't have this glyph).

Generate Fonts dialog

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  • Yeah. I should've at least checked out fontforge before I asked this question. I had done it myself within an hour of posting this question. Thanks. – klaus Mar 1 '19 at 12:44

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