How would I script something so that it gives me a list of crcs along with the paths, like an sfv file? I could code this in python but there is probably a simpler way in shell.

So far I have:

find . -type f -exec crc32 {} \; > chksum.txt

But this doesn't include the paths

An example output would be:

file_one.zip   c45ad668
file_two.zip   7903b8e6
file_three.zip e99a65fb
  • Is this the crc32 utility distributed as part of the Archive::Zip Perl module? – Kusalananda Mar 1 at 8:52

You can run a sub-shell inside the -exec option that can go through the individual file names and do the action of your choice

find . -type f -exec sh -c '
    for file; do 
        echo "$file" "$(crc32 "$file")"
    done' sh {} +

The for loop inside gets the list of names from find as one long list of positional arguments, i.e. for file; do is a short hand representation for for file in "$@"; do where the list $@ is populated by find command.

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