I'm working with dht11 sensor on my raspberry pi 3.

I found dht11 driver's source code in linux


And I successfully compiled the module and executed insmod on my board.

But I don't know how to specify the GPIO port number for the driver.

  • Read this ... – Murray Jensen Mar 1 at 16:37
  • I have read much material about device tree, but still don't know how to compile the dtbo files and how to update them for my board. Can you give me some help? – Dillion Wang Mar 7 at 12:41
  • There is a program called dtc (device tree compiler? - but not sure it is a compiler?) which will convert between dts and dtb - you should find it in your kernel source. The device tree source is also in there. Some embedded platforms have their own device tree source, so be careful. – Murray Jensen May 1 at 18:03

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