Printer: Ricoh MP C2011 (or MP C2011SP?)


View PPD file: http://www.openprinting.org/ppd-o-matic.php?driver=PDF-Ricoh&printer=Ricoh-MP_C2011&show=1

Printer Added via CUPS web interface.

Print Command: $ lp -d c2011 test.pdf

CUPS version: 2.1.3

CUPS installed via command: $ sudo apt install cups

System: Ubuntu xenial armhf via "LinuxDeploy" app on Android.

The system also has foo2zjs installed, works well with HP LaserJet P1102w.


The printer works fine when the CUPS Status says "Idle".

After a pdf file normally printed, the status turn to Idle - "Sending data to printer." And then I do the next print, the printer prints nonsense text and blank pages.

So I run $ sudo service cups restart

And then printer status turn back to "Idle". And then print, and then "Sending data to printer" again.

It's not a good solution that restarting CUPS before printing.


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I have found out that for some printer models, Ricoh included, the generic drivers often work better than some specific vendor provided "drivers/PPD".

Also some Ricoh models need an add-on to deal well with Postscript, which seems to be the case of the Ricoh MP C2011. I would get in contact with Ricoh . Be prepared it is a paid "upgrade".

I have used the generic Postscript printer driver when creating the printer in CUPS. I have successfully used it over the years, with Mac desktops and Linux servers/workstations. However, in your case it is paid "upgrade".

It is fairly well documented Macs only are able to print well after paying the postscript "upgrade"/card, and they also use CUPS.

  • How to use postscript printing? I need to convert .pdf file to .ps and then use lp command to print the .ps file, is that correct?
    – Yucong Hu
    Mar 1, 2019 at 4:22
  • Hmmm, it is a paid expansion. It is fairly well documented Macs only work well after paying the postscript expansion/card, and they also use CUPS.... Mar 1, 2019 at 4:28

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