I tagged a bunch of messages in mutt index.

How can one jump to the next tagged message in mutt? Is it possible to just show all tagged messages?


TL;DR: Search next tagged message: / then ~T. Show tagged messages only:l then ~T.

Now, there's an exhaustive answer:

You Tagged a set of messages. Now, you want to go to/select the next Tagged message:

Use / then ~T and you're all set.

In case you temporarily want to be presented with only your Tagged messages press l (limit results) then ~T. To revert and show all messages again, limit l to all.

See also (neo)mutt pattern modifiers for more info on how to modify your "Searching, Limiting and Tagging" operations.

Goody ahead: mutt bindings below.

macro index I  "<search>~T\n"                     "Search for next Tagged"
macro pager I  "<exit><search>~T\n<display-message>" "Jump to next Tagged"

You can search for tagged message by searching (/) for ~T; then you can go to the next one with n. You may also limit (l) to tagged messages ~T.

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