Here is my display when I hit META+W

(0)  - code: 2 windows (attached)
(1)  ├─> 0: vim-M (1 panes) "x230"
(2)  └─> 2: node* (1 panes) "��{d6�ME?�g��a���"

I'm wanting to know how to fix the ��{d6�ME?�g��a���

I can

  • Rename the session "code" at the top with META+$
  • Rename the window "node" at the left with META+,

But I have no idea what that string inside " is even supposed to be in the top where it's x230, that's my hostname. I don't see a rename-hostname feature so I'm not sure how it got changed to change it back.


This is the name of the terminal. I was able to change it by doing

printf '\033]2│%s\033\\' 'My Terminal Title'

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