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I specifically want to delete my grep output string from the text file

I'm a little bit new with Linux and I have a problem. I have a text file called file_a.txt My first command

grep -A 12 ".production =" file_a.txt

The output is a few block. Each block of string contains 13 rows

I specifically want to delete all the block of strings I got with the grep command from the original file file_a.txt I do not want to send the grep output to a new file. Also I do not want to to use grep -v because it will not work in my case.

I have tried something like things like this, but nothing is working:

cut < grep -A 12 ".production =" file_a.txt

sed -i '/grep -A 12 ".production ="/d' file_a.txt

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I think you are looking for this:

sed -i '/.production =/,+12d' file_a.txt

When sed finds you patterns it "deletes" 12 lines

(warning, modifies file_a.txt in-place)

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sed -i '/\.production =/,+12d' file_a.txt

would do the job