I'm having issues with dhcp on virtualbox 6.0.4 with an ubuntu 18.04 server guest -- when using a bridged adapter, it hangs on startup while configuring network settings, and dhclient just fails repeatedly. Have tried deleting /var/lib/dhcp/dhclient.leases, messing with firewall settings, spoofing my virtual network adapter's mac address, to no avail -- but only on my university's student network. On a private network it works as expected. Any hunches or suggestions appreciated.

I have run through the output of several different network interface commands and files that are too lengthy to include all of in this question, but if someone with more knowledge than me has a better idea of which are the most pertinent I will keep updating the question.

I'm using netplan, my config is as follows:

            dhcp4: true
    version: 2
  • Since you say the whole setup works on one network, but not another, it would suggest there is a configuration difference in the networks. Are you allowed to run a dhcp service on the university's student network? I know I would not allow unknown dhcp servers in any subnet I manage. You should ask the administrators of that network if they are blocking you from setting up dhcp servers. – GracefulRestart Feb 27 at 19:30

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