Had this condition, I really need a space in /dev/vda1, how can I reduce the size of my LVM in /dev/mapper/vg-data-lv_data by 10G and assign those 10G of space to my /dev/vda1 partition ?

If it's possible, can I do it without any machine rebooting ?


Edit, lsblk output :

enter image description here

  • print the output of lsblk – erTugRul Feb 27 at 5:59
  • @erTugRul Hi, I already add the output – Dimas Rizky Feb 27 at 6:37
  • You cannot do what you want. Because vda1 is 40G non-lvm partition and cannot be further extended. No matter how many other vd* disks you have. Only solution is take backup and then create again LVM partition for /. – erTugRul Feb 27 at 7:53
  • It's not possible to take un-allocated space on one disk and add it to another; other than using LVM, of course. You can probably move some of the files on your root filesystem to logical volumes on the other disk. But, in the best scenario you'd use up all the space on vdb1 and free up ~17 GB on your vda1. On the other hand, if you get a larger disk and put LVM on it, you'd be able to migrate most of your system to the new disk without rebooting. Then, when you have scheduled maintenance you can migrate the rest of it over and get rid of those "tiny" disks :) – Emmanuel Rosa Feb 27 at 9:38
  • You don't tell where your needs comes from, but maybe symlinking a directory of / into another under /data may help you in the short term. – Ferenc Wágner Feb 28 at 8:54

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