i write sth on putty screen with python. But i can not save this screen. i have opened putty (logging >> log file name). Then i start the python. after python finnish. then i can open this putty screen.

i dont want to open putty with manual. i want to run only python. after python finnish. then i want to open this putty screen.

is it possible in pyton?

I tried the following in python but it didn't happen.

mport logging logging.basicConfig(filename='example.txt',level=logging.DEBUG) logging.debug('This message should go to the log file') logging.info('So should this') logging.warning('And this, tooooooooooo')

i opened the example.txt then i read the following

DEBUG:root:This message should go to the log file INFO:root:So should this WARNING:root:And this, tooooooooooo

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