I have 2 Hard disks.

first = Windows XP, Windows XP64 second = Linux Mint 17.3, Windows 7

I want to install Linux Mint 19.1 over the old Mint 17.3

The system boots with: Linux Mint (default) Second option Windows 7

If I select Windows 7, it goes to another bootloader, where appears: Windows 7 Older Windows

If I select Older Windows, it goes to WinXP and WinXP64.

Foormatting only Linux, where is the bootloader that I have to keep?

  • Please elaborate on your last line "Foormatting only Linux, where is the bootloader that I have to keep?" Do you mean, you want to completely format the second disk, or do you mean you want to only format the second disk linux partition? Also, I think the answer actually lies in this question: Where does your BIOS/UEFI boot from now? – number9 Feb 26 at 14:44
  • Hello, I want to install Mint 19.1 over mint 17.1 only. This Linux is in the second hard disk – Guido Ercoli Feb 26 at 17:29
  • Again, you asked where is the bootloader you have to keep? I think you need to find out which drive your BIOS/UEFI is pointing to first. This will tell you where the boot loader is and which to keep... unless you want mint 19 to be the bootloader for you. – number9 Feb 26 at 20:46

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