I try get JSON with top 5 process by memory.

This JSON i want send to Zabbix and draw top 5 process by memory.

I get top 5 process by memory by command:

ps axho comm --sort -rss | head -5

How convert bash output to JSON with key {#PROCNAME} for get this structure:

  "data": [
      "{#PROCNAME}": "node"
      "{#PROCNAME}": "mongod"
      "{#PROCNAME}": "kubelet"
      "{#PROCNAME}": "dockerd"
      "{#PROCNAME}": "systemd-journal"


There is a type of macro used within the low-level discovery (LLD) function:


If your jq has the inputs function, and assuming {#PROCNAME} is just a string, you can use the following:

ps axho comm --sort -rss | head -5 | jq -Rn '{data: [inputs|{"#PROCNAME":.}]}'

The inputs functions lets jq read all input string. The rest is decoration to get the wanted format.

The option -R gets raw string as input. The option -n feeds jq input with null entry. That way inputs gets all strings at once.

  • Thanks! Changed: ps axho comm --sort -rss | head -5 | jq -Rn '{data: [inputs|{"{#PROCNAME}":.}]}' – Anton Patsev Feb 26 at 13:54
  • @AntonPatsev Yes you're right. It was a typo... – oliv Feb 26 at 14:04

actually, you could achieve it with just standard unix cli:

bash $ echo { \"data\": [  $(ps axho comm --sort -rss | head -5 | xargs -L1 -I% echo { \"{#PROCNAME}\": \"%\" } | paste -s -d, -) ] }
{ "data": [ { "{#PROCNAME}": "node" },{ "{#PROCNAME}": "mongod" },{ "{#PROCNAME}": "kubelet" },{ "{#PROCNAME}": "dockerd" },{ "{#PROCNAME}": "systemd-journal" } ] }
bash $ 
  • the resulting output is a valid JSON.

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