I wasn't able to view any non-english characters in chrome. It just appeared as squares. When I accidentally ranapt-get -t stretch-backports upgrade It somehow got fixed.

Now I renistalled the debian and would like to get only that specific package from backports. What might be the exact package?

Kernel version version: 4.19.0-0.bpo.2-amd64 (backports)
Chrome version: 72.0.3626.119


There is one big meta package fonts-indic, but there are also lots of other indian font packages. Can't really tell which one you are looking for. But none of these are in stretch-backports.

  • This doesn't answer the question completely. Thanks for the details, anyway +1. – Anees Feb 26 at 11:05
  • I have updated the question. Please take a look at it – Anees Feb 26 at 17:05

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