I wrote a kernel simple module, and I can select my module with make menuconfig. The module compiles and executes without a problem. Is there a method to force the kernel to load my module last - after all other modules? Are kernel modules loaded randomly or predictably? If they are loaded predictably, how can I specify that my module loads last? If I compile the module into the kernel, can this action somehow cause my module to load last of all modules?

  • Why do you want it to load last? This looks like a XY problem. What is it that you're really trying to solve? – filbranden Feb 26 at 6:23
  • No, this is not xy problem, I need certainty my module loaded afte other modules. – mah454 Feb 26 at 7:34
  • Actually can not depend all other modules on my module. – mah454 Feb 26 at 7:35
  • anybody can help me ? I need a solution . Note : I compiled module into kernel . – mah454 Feb 28 at 14:43

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