I am trying to add sudo permission for a user to login as a different user. Currently I am looking for below scenario.

For eg: If "Sam" need to login as "Scott" using sudo access then what are all the command that I need to run using root ID.


This should do the work, to enable sam to become scott using sudo. Replace last "ALL" with specific commands sam can run as scott.

  • Is this a command? or I need to add this in /ect/sudoers – Jo......... Feb 25 at 21:40
  • Add this to /etc/sudoers. Just type visudo and below line root = ALL(ALL) ALL add the line in the answer – Tryna Learn Somethin Feb 25 at 21:41
  • Its asking me password when I do sudo su - scott. How to grant sudo permission without asking password – Jo......... Feb 25 at 21:49
  • Change line to sam = ALL(scott) NOPASSWD: ALL – Tryna Learn Somethin Feb 25 at 21:50
  • I have already tried that one but I am getting syntax error. – Jo......... Feb 25 at 21:52

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