When I go to /var/log/packages/ , I can see there that I have already installed dcron-4.5-x86_64-5, which I believe is the same as crond. Now, I want to ensure that permissions on /etc/crontab are configured(based on my CIS Benchmark manual), but when I run the command below:

stat /etc/crontab 

It says:

stat: cannot stat '/etc/crontab' : No such file or directory.

Where will I find that crontab file? And am I doing right? What slackware package utilizes crond daemon?


Dillon's Lightweight Cron Daemon, dcron, does not utilize a file named /etc/crontab; but, the same functionality is accomplished via the root user's personal crontab file, /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root. By default, the root user's crontab defines the execution of jobs located in the following directories.

  • /etc/cron.hourly
  • /etc/cron.daily
  • /etc/cron.weekly
  • /etc/cron.monthly
  • Ahh ok, thanks. So what package utilizes crond daemon? I could not find it. – ABC Feb 26 at 1:07

There are quite a number of cron programs. That package is Matthew Dillon's, now continued by Jim Pryor.

Dillon cron does not use /etc/crontab. Rather, system-wide jobs go in /etc/cron.d/, usually as one file per package.

Dillon cron is not alone in this.

  • Thibault Godouet's fcron does not use /etc/crontab, either, nor indeed even/etc/cron.d/. For it, you look at files such as /etc/fcron.allow and /etc/fcron.deny.
  • Bruce Guenter's bcron can use /etc/cron.d/ and /etc/crontab, and needs them checking.
  • Uwe Ohse's uschedule simply does not use this style of table at all, and its security model is quite different, involving local per-user schedulers.
  • Dwayne Bent's systemd-cron does not itself use this style of table either and to ensure that its configuration files are secure you have to look at internal systemd directories. It imports /etc/crontab and files in /etc/cron.d/ into its native mechanism via a systemd unit generator.
  • GNU mcron needs /var/cron/tabs and /etc/crontab to be checked, although it strongly discourages the use of the latter.

Your manual is assuming one particular piece of software working in one particular way.

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  • Ahh ok, thanks. So what package utilizes crond daemon? I could not find it. – ABC Feb 26 at 1:09

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