I have configured Milter for sendmail on a virtual machine. I can send an email in my test environment, it is currently accepted by Sendmail and relayed to my exchange server (including when I enable Milter with no flags) but when I enable Milter with timeout flags the email is never relayed by Sendmail and I receive no data over the socket.

I have debugged the socket itself by connecting to it with a range of applications from my host machine and seem to be having no issues.

First page of my sendmail.mc file: https://i.imgur.com/MMsJafd.png

Second: https://i.imgur.com/S3NoXY3.png

third: https://i.imgur.com/WTRpxto.png

The documentation is extremely sparse for how to debug this or set it up. The log file also has no useful information in it.

Does Milter automatically connect to the socket when the sendmail service starts? Or do I have to actually start the Milter service separately?

How can I debug Milter and test connecting to it?

Edit: I wish I could give a good explanation for how I fixed it but I honestly just moved the INPUT_MAIL_FILTER line into the middle of the sendmail.mc file and it started working...

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    Could you post log entries generated by sendmail after "daemon with milter" start? – AnFi Feb 25 at 20:46

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