I am trying to figure out what processes are run when I start a KVM virtual machine under Virtual Machine Manager. Are these all the processes started for that purpose? What do they do respectively?

$ ps -A | grep -i kvm
11986 ?        00:00:21 kvm-pit/11965

$ ps -A | grep -i qemu
11965 ?        01:30:42 qemu-system-x86

$ ps -A | grep -i virt
 4253 ?        00:00:00 virtlogd
 4296 ?        00:01:19 libvirtd
11866 ?        00:11:01 virt-manager

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man would answer your question for a number of these.

kvm-pit is a kernel thread used for PIT timer interrupt injection.

qemu-system-x86 (probably qemu-system-x86_64) is the QEMU x86 system emulator.

virtlogd is the VM logging dæmon, used to handle logs from VM consoles.

libvirtd is the libvirt VM management dæmon.

virt-manager is the Virtual Machine Manager GUI.

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