I have an ACR122U-A9 NFC Reader that I am trying to have connect to Kali Linux (that is running as a Virtual Machine on Windows 10).

However I am having some issue with having nfc-list or nfc-scan-device recognize this device.

The first bit of trouble is that I see the device showing up as a couple removable devices.

enter image description here

If I connect the 'Advanced Card ACR122U PICC Interface' device and run nfc-scan-device -v, it says "1 NFC Device Found:" but does not provide any information on the device. pcsc_scan does not return anything for this device.

If I connect the 'Shared ACS ACR122 0' device, pcsc_scan is able to recognize Reader 0 as 'VMware Virtual USB CCID 00 00' but nfc-scan-device -v returns no NFC Devices found.

What am I doing wrong? I installed the libacsccid1_1.1.6-1~bpo8+1_amd64.deb driver from /ACS-Unified-PKG-Lnx-116-P/acsccid_linux_bin-1.1.6/debian/jessie/ (from ACS' driver website)

  • Does the reader work properly if you don't have a virtual machine in the way? – Mark Feb 25 at 21:30
  • @Mark: Yes it does with the windows-equivalent programs – Bijan Feb 26 at 1:46

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