I installed dolphin (18.12.2-1) as file manager (for most the things I use "ls" but sometimes a preview is helpful) in i3wm on an Archlinux and would like to be able to change the background color or the font color of it.

I had once an application which I am not able to find anymore with which I was able to setup the theme for Okular (some dark theme) but I forgot its name and because kde/qt seems not to be part of its name I am not able to find it anymore. But still I would like to keep the dark theme but still solve the dolphin problem because white on white is not readable especially not if the two white colors are exactly the same.


I was using "qt5ct" to change the theme and I just activated in this configuration tool all available style sheets now the background in dolphin is dark/black and I can read the text underneath the icons. Everything else seems to stay unchanged.

The options under style sheets are:

  • fusion-fixes.qss
  • scrollbar-simple.qss
  • sliders-simple.qss
  • traynotification-simple.qss

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