Assume a computer has Lubuntu installed on its disk. Booting into a live Lubuntu from a bootable flash drive is often a way to access filesystems on the disk that are required to be not mounted. So I think understanding what filesystems on the disk are automatically mounted by live OS, and what not, is useful.

When boot into a live Lubuntu from a bootable flash drive, what filesystems on the disk are mounted automatically?

  • Is it correct that /home on the disk is not mounted, if it is a filesystem itself?

  • I can still access the logical volume files under /dev/mapper/ on the disk in the same way. So is / on the disk still mounted or not or just partially mounted?

  • what about other filesystems on the disk if any?


  • Running mount will show what's mounted. What's actually mounted depends on many things.
    – Kashyap
    Feb 24, 2019 at 1:07

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  • Partitions contain filesystems like an envelope snugly fit inside another
  • mount will show mounted file-systems as @kashyap said
  • blkid or better lsblk will show all file-system details
  • gparted will give you a visual picture at the outer (partition) level. And inside (FS) if you click the suitable partition. Though you should be careful you can lose your data if you misuse this one

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