This error shows up everytime I install Kali Linux, whenever I try to boot it. Then, it dissapears and the screen blacks out. The error is the following:+[drm:vmw_host_log [vmwgfx]] *ERROR* Failed to send host log message.

Here's also an screenshot of the error: enter image description here

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    Can you change to a different tty? What virtualization solution are you using? – kemotep Feb 25 at 14:24

enter image description here

Try to change display setting and check


I had the same issue installing on Windows 10. I followed the instructions in this video:


...and it seems to work now. Note, I still see those messages ("Failed to send host log message") but it boots all the way into Kali now and I do not have further issues.

Essentially what it boiled down to was a lack of resources. I allocated 2 CPU's, 2 gig of memory, and 16 gig on the virtual HD for it to work.

Also make sure you have virtualization enabled in BIOS.

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