Every non-KDE terminal (everyone except Konsole), once started, gives me this error:

Service 'org.kde.konsole-[different number everytime]' does not exist.

The full error being:

Service 'org.kde.konsole-1371' does not exist.
xprop: -id requires an argument

usage:  xprop [-options ...] [[format [dformat]] atom] ...

 where options include:
    -grammar                       print out full grammar for command line
    -display host:dpy              the X server to contact
    -id id                         resource id of window to examine
    -name name                     name of window to examine
    -font name                     name of font to examine
    -remove propname               remove a property
    -set propname value            set a property to a given value
    -root                          examine the root window
    -len n                         display at most n bytes of any property
    -notype                        do not display the type field
    -fs filename                   where to look for formats for properties
    -frame                         don't ignore window manager frames
    -f propname format [dformat]   formats to use for property of given name
    -spy                           examine window properties forever
    -version                       print program version

This error shows up no matter what Desktop Environment I am using (currently not KDE), and no matter what terminal I am using (except, as said before, Konsole).

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