If I have a host I want to be able to connect to and I currently have a keyboard and monitor plugged in, how would I copy a key to a user so I can connect as that user remotely. Essentially I want to do the same thing as ssh-copy-id but without having to be able to connect over ssh first.


The keys are stored in a text file under ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

To add a new key just copy the contents of the *.pub file of your key to a new line in this file.

Some more information is available here https://www.ssh.com/ssh/authorized_keys/

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    When doing this manually, also make sure the file and directory permissions are set correctly. The authorized_keys file should be owned by either the user that is being authorized, or by root, and not be writeable by anyone else. The same applies to the ~/.ssh directory and the user's home directory. Otherwise sshd will ignore the authorized_keys file as there is a possibility that another user may have had write access to it. – telcoM Feb 23 at 8:19

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