Below is a row and i need to close "20 with "20"

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    Is it always "20 or could it be "any-number or "any-text? Is it only one on a row, or can there be many of these instances? – Kusalananda Feb 22 at 21:02
  • it is always like this |"20| in only one row – Mohini Singh Feb 22 at 21:07

Let's take this as a test file:

$ cat text

To close all open ", try:

$ sed -E 's/^("[^"|]*)\|/\1"|/; :a; s/(\|"[^"|]*)\|/\1"|/g; ta; s/\|"[^"|]*$/&"/' text

How it works

If the unclosed quote can occur in the first field, a middle field or the end field, then there are three cases to consider. Thus, we have three substitute commands:

  • s/^("[^"|]*)\|/\1"|/

    If the line begins with a quote but no quote appears before the first |, this adds the quote.

  • :a; s/(\|"[^"|]*)\|/\1"|/g; ta;

    If a quote is missing in a middle field, this adds it. To make sure that all such missing quotes are added, the substitute command is repeated until no more changes are made.

  • s/\|"[^"|]*$/&"/

    If the final field is missing a closing quote, then it is added.

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