I am looking at a uEnv.txt file with the following lines:

set_mmc1=if test $board_name = A33515BB; then setenv bootpartition mmcblk1p2; fi                                                           
set_bootargs=setenv bootargs console=ttyO0,115200n8 root=/dev/${bootpartition} rw rootfstype=ext4 rootwait                                 
uenvcmd=run set_mmc1; run set_bootargs;run loadimage;run loadfdt;printenv bootargs;bootz ${loadaddr} - ${fdtaddr} 

Some of these things make sense. For example, line 7 sets the u-boot environment variable bootargs (documented here) with kernel command-line parameters (documented here).

On line 5, bootpartition is set which is later used in the kernel arguments.

However, many of the variables never seem to be used anywhere (i.e. bootpart, devtype, bootfile, etc). What are these for and where can I find documentation? Also, why does the setenv bootargs... line need to be assigned to set_bootargs?

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