I am programming a raspberry pi zeroW with usb audio card as bluetooth receiver with app controll. The app should controll an equalizer on the raspberry. Bluetooth audio and so is already running but I dont know how to do the equalizing part. I already experiment with pulseaudio-equalizer but I can't figure out how to controll it without gui. My idea was to set the parameters for the equalizer in an preset file which will be changed by the app.

I use raspdian stretch lite as OS und pulseaudio-module-bluetooth

  • Pulseaudio-equalizer has a DBus interface (org.PulseAudio.Ext.Equalizing1.Equalizer), try using that like qpaeq does. If you consider JACK as well, jack-rack provides ALSA sequencer interface for any LADSPA effect plugin. – Ferenc Wágner Feb 23 at 17:19

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