I'm trying to convert this

url = ssh://git@git.company.com/project/repo.git


url = ssh://git@git.company.com/scm/project/repo.git

However, it's not a simple sed find and replace. I'd like it to only apply the find and replace if the string starts with \turl and doesn't already contain scm.

I have the beginning portion where it will only replace lines containing \turl

cat .git/config | sed "/\turl/ s=\.com\/=\.com\/scm\/=g"

but to make this idempotent, I'm having trouble checking if it contains the scm string already. Otherwise if I keep running the command with seds -i then it will keep adding scm.


In sed, this should work:

sed '/url/ { /scm/! s=\.com/=\.com/scm/=g }'

You can negate an andress by adding a ! after it, and you can apply an address regex to another by using blocks.

Or maybe, if scm only afer .com/ should be checked for:

sed '/url/ { \=\.com/scm/= ! s=\.com/=\.com/scm/=g }'
! grep -q '/scm/' .git/config && sed "/\turl/ s=\.com\/=\.com\/scm\/=g" .git/config


grep -q '/scm/' .git/config || sed "/\turl/ s=\.com\/=\.com\/scm\/=g" .git/config

If the file doesn't contain /scm/, then sed ...

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