I am using macOS with tmux downloaded from source and Homebrew. When starting tmux both times I installed it, it gives me a blank screen with the bar at the bottom. I can use tmux commands but a bash shell does not open. Is there something I need to do to get a bash/terminal to run inside tmux?

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  • How do you start tmux? Do you have a tmux configuration file? – Kusalananda Feb 22 at 7:50
  • Is there a good reason to compile the sources yourself? How did you do that? What configuration file are you using for tmux? – Tommiie Feb 22 at 9:17
  • I compiled from source to see if anything would change from downloading it with home-brew. I followed the readme to download and make it, and the config file I used was either the example one or none. – AWOLASAP Feb 25 at 4:27

Thank you to everyone who responded, you were all a help. In the end there was a command in my bash_profile file which made the screen blank. Sorry to waste valuable time.

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