I have a file named file1.txt that contains the lines:


These are files themselves existing in the same directory.

I want to use an awk command on file1.txt so as to read its contents(e1.txt and e2.txt) and print the contents of those files

I have tried awk '{cat $0}' file1.txt but it produces no result.


You need a getline loop around each file (e1.txt, e2.txt etc) contained in file1.txt, like so

awk '{ while ((getline a < $0) > 0) print a }' file1.txt

Alternately you could call out to cat via system but this could be fraught with peril if the contents of file1.txt are not under your control

 awk '{ system("cat "$0) }' file1.txt

Or just don't bother with awk

 xargs -d '\n' cat <file1.txt

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