I am trying to customize my own linux distribution based on Debian using pinguy.

When i generate a .iso for the distribution, i get a default installer which i want to customize by adding certain types of installations for the user to select, like for example :

  • Minimal installation
  • Installation with list of packages A
  • Installation with list of packages B

I also want the installation to give hand to the user to select manually some packages.

How can i achieve that ? Thank you.

Edit : I need to change this list into a custom one with my own corresponding packages

Debian select packages


Text based installers are build with bash scripts using tools like dialog or the more lightweighted whiptail.

Some whiptail examples could be found here

This is just for building a user interface. You have to deal with users choices, by starting commands like cp (copy) or run programs with different switches. I guess ubuntu/debian is using this or something similar. You could take their installer sourcecode and modify it.

  • Thank you for your answer, this is for applications right ? By installer, i mean the installer that is used to install the OS. – Jhnu Feb 21 '19 at 23:32
  • The thing is i need an OS installer. The procedure of creating a user, choosing packages... etc But i can't find how to modify an already existing installer. – Jhnu Feb 21 '19 at 23:38
  • You can create users with useradd, you can install packages with dpkg. Sources for the debian installer are here: salsa.debian.org/installer-team good luck! – Michael D. Feb 21 '19 at 23:48
  • The thing is, i need to change what shows at the installation. I need to change the tasks listed here into my own which correspond to my own lists of packages. – Jhnu Feb 22 '19 at 23:03

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