This is the file name in question OD_Orders_2019-02-19.csv

I am trying to create a bash script to read into files with yesterday's date on the file name while retaining the rest of the files name. I would like for $y to equal the name of the file with a formula output with the exact date in the middle. So far this is what I have:

To get yesterday's date in the correct format, I made x:

x="date -d yesterday +%Y-%m-%d"


This issue with this is that the results when I do a echo $y gives me this: OD_Orders_date -d yesterday +%Y-%m-%d.csv

I need to show the value of $x when echo $y correctly without it showing the formula. I need $y to input the filename with yesterday's date in the correct format because I want to use it more later on within this script.


You need to use command substitution $( ... ) to substitute the output of the command instead of the command itself:

x="$(date -d yesterday +%Y-%m-%d)"

Which of course could be simplified to:

y="OD_Orders_$(date -d yesterday +%Y-%m-%d).csv"
  • You Sir are the MAN! Thank you very much! I was up all night for hours and couldn't solve this.
    – Ibrahim A
    Feb 20 '19 at 15:36

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