I want to copy over all html files in a nested directory but I want to prevent the parent folders above it from being generated as well.

That is if my source path is /project/ng1/src/templates/**, I would like my generated folders to just be /templates/**.

I currently have the following command:

find projects/ng1/src/templates -name '*.html' -path pages | cpio -pdm projects/ng7/templates

But this generates the folder structure: projects/ng7/templates/project/ng1/templates/**

I would like: projects/ng7/templates/**

How do I achieve this?


Put this line into your ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile, adjust the path as needed.

export PROJECTS=/path/to/my/projects

Then open a new terminal.

$ cd $PROJECTS/ng1/src/templates
$ find . -name '*.html' -path pages | cpio -pdm $PROJECTS/ng7/templates

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