I'm facing the following rather strange issue with my DIY NAS running Ubuntu 18.04.

(I think that's when this happens...) When the system is restarted (say, after a power failure) it sometimes isn't able to perform any DNS resolution.

Restarting the system manually typically brings the situation back to normal.

When name resolution is broken I have the following:

  • systemd-resolve --status says "Current Scopes: none" (instead of "DNS")
  • /run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf says "# No DNS servers known.", whereas in the normal situation it contains "nameserver fe80::7e03:d8ff:feac:3cd4%3"

What could explain that the DNS resolver sometimes doesn't properly initialize at startup (pointing at my ISP's FTTH router's DNS)?

  • It is not normal having DNS pointing to fe80 – Rui F Ribeiro Feb 20 at 4:22

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