Here is my dotfile:

! Key
! Shift+Key
! Mode_switch+Key
! Mode_switch+Shift+Key
! ISO_Level3_Shift+Key
! ISO_Level3_Shift+Shift+Key

keycode 43 = h H BackSpace NoSymbol U20BD NoSymbol    Cyrillic_er Cyrillic_ER NoSymbol NoSymbol NoSymbol NoSymbol

but it creates just a mess without any logic, so I simplified test to this:

keycode 43 = h H Cyrillic_er Cyrillic_ER BackSpace NoSymbol U20BD NoSymbol

so now I get 4 groups, which is I changed via CapsLock modified in KDE Input menu

but I want just a functional group with unicode symbols, and second group with all functions extra layers pass through.

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