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Remap CapsLock to Escape and Control System Wide

Just read this seriously obsessive post about customising keyboards and while I'm not going to do everything there, there are a couple of ideas I'd like to nick. In particular he has set up the Caps Lock key so that:

  • when pressed and released alone, it is mapped to Esc
  • when pressed and held, and a second key is pressed, it is mapped to Ctrl

As he says, this is great for vim users. Is that possible in Linux/X?

He also does something similar with the right and left Shift keys. When pressed alone they map to ( and ) but if another key is pressed they act as you expect Shift to work.

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  • The other question of which this was marked as a duplicate doesn't address shift and parenthesis. Although I guess it's not hard to modify the source of the recommended solution (xcape) to do what this question asks. – Jim Paris Oct 16 '12 at 20:13