How can I run 2 network adapters in Debian simultaneously?

I have a common NIC and the second adapter USB->LAN adapter and I need to run them both but when I turn on USB LAN adapter then NIC disconnects.

Few weeks ago when I just clicked on that USB adapter to connect, it connected and both were up. Now I just cant make it work at the same time.

Edit: Primary NIC is just connected to the ISP's router. But the second NIC, LAN to USB adapter, is connected to my second router and does not need an internet connetion

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    Are you connecting them both into the same network segment, or into two different network segments? If the same, what exactly are you trying to achieve with it - more bandwidth or just two IPs? If different networks, you're setting up a multi-homed host and need to pay extra attention to your routing table. One of the NICs is probably your primary internet connection, but what about the other one? Is it just for that single network segment, or are there other segments beyond it? Do you need internet connectivity via both NICs simultaneously? – telcoM Feb 18 at 7:02

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