As figure shows, I'm using Linux to install LIGGGHTS, when i type "make -f Makefile.shlib auto", it shows me [auto] Error 2, i tried to set USE_MPI to "OFF", but it did't work, my Question is, how do i using the MPICXX_USR variable? Thanks for your felp.

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If you have an MPI compiler installed, you would set MPICXX_USR to the path of its C++ wrapper script (such as mpic++ or mpicxx). If you don't have MPI installed and don't want to use MPI, you should set USE_MPI to the string OFF.

The error message says that to set MPICXX_USR you should edit the file MAKE/Makefile.user. The USE_MPI variable is also settable in this file.

Assuming you have mpic++ installed and that you want to use MPI to compile this software, determine where mpic++ is located using

command -v mpic++

Then set MPICXX_USR to this value in MAKE/Makefile.user.

The file MAKE/Makefile.user_default contains the defaults used when compiling LIGGGHTS (this file should probably not be changed, but rather overridden by your own MAKE/Makefile.user file).

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