question originally asked on askubuntu but commenters suggested to post the question here:

Shortly after sudo apt-get update and upgrade I got the black screen

The screen lock is broken and unlocking is not possible any more. In order to unlock switch to a virtual terminal (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+F2), log in and execute the command:

loginctl unlock-sessions

Afterwards switch back to the running session (Ctrl+Alt+F7).

I did all that, I’m into a terminal but following the rest of the instructions on the black screen doesn’t work (doesn’t get me back to loggin), it goes back to loggin screen but doesn’t take text input.

Considering this is immediately after at update/upgrade probably i thought this had to do with a graphics driver, anyone have experience fixing this?

I am able to get into GUI by logging into virtual console and startx but it’s not quite right things aren’t exactly as they should be

what i have tried/ errors i am getting

xinit: unable to connect to x server temporarily unavailable

could not start ksmserver check your installation is a pop up error ive seen

xinit: server error

I have installed the proprietary nvidia drivers with no effect

When I try xhost the response is unable to open display

/tmps is not full, not drives are more than 20% full so that’s not it either

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