I'm trying to automatically rename all my photos using “exiftool”, which would be very easy, if it were not because I want to do it using a special monitored directory as input to it, thanks to “entr”.

The idea is that when a modification in the "input" directory is detected by “entr”, it calls “exiftool” who renames all photos in this directory. Something like:

while true; do
    echo /input | entr -d exiftool -d '%Y-%m-%d %H.%M.%S' '-FileName<${CreateDate}.${FileTypeExtension}' /input

When I copy 5 photos or less, all is working as expected. But... Problems arise when coping several photos at once to the "input" directory... Maybe a race condition is happening? Like “entr” is calling several times to “exiftool” to rename several times the same photos?

So, I have thought about putting a condition to “entr” to only call “exiftool” if it's not already running.

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