I'm trying to mount different folders on sda7 in the folders in the /home folder. like documents, pictures, and music.

I always did that like this:

/media/betty/Tuinhuisje/Betty/Documents /home/betty/Documenten none bind 0 0

/media/betty/Tuinhuisje/Betty/Downloads /home/betty/Downloads none bind 0 0

And the same thing for music, pictures and videos

Usually I just had to open the existing documents and music folder in the home folder to find my files, located on the other partition. Only this time it all works nicely, but I also get extra disks, representing the mounted folders, on my desktop and in my explorer side panel as well. This is a bit messy to me, so I would like to know how I can get rid of those extra disks.

I have this issue using Linuxmint 9.1. Using Linuxmint 8.3 and using the same lines, there was no issue.

sda7 is an ntfs partition and mounted like:

UUID="26B2F03E4D101C52" /media/betty/Tuinhuisje  ntfs  defaults 0

Did something change recently?

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