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By assigning the date to awk, I can get current date as following in yyyy-mm-dd:

awk -F, -v date="20$(date +%y-%m-%d)" '{print date}'



Is there a way to add number of days to current date, let's say 7, so the output would be:


Noting that using a method like below isn't providing the required output:

awk -F, -v date="20$(date +%y-%m-%d +7 days)" '{print date}'

Solution here is not providing same date format

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You can use format

date +%y-%m-%d --date="7 days"

to gate date after 7 days

And instead of adding 20 in front just use date on this way:

date=$(date +%Y-%m-%d --date="7 days")
  • How date formatted in yyyy-mm-dd? – Eng7 Feb 17 at 7:17
  • 1
    Replace small "y" with caps "Y" and you will have 4 numbers year – Romeo Ninov Feb 17 at 7:18

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