I spent the last two days configuring the OS, putting my data in the right places and working on a project for work and everything worked flawlessly. Then 2 hours ago, I decided to install Nvidia drivers and TexStudio. During the installs I was asked to generate a password to generate a new Machine Owner Key and to provide it after rebooting. I entered a password, waited till the installations were finished, rebooted my Laptop and was asked for the password I just chose. I entered it and the Laptop rebooted again. However, it took really long to boot, beeped at two times (2 beeps first, then 3 beeps a little later) and then just displayed a black screen that I cannot interact with. Shutting the Laptop down is the only way to get out of this that I found so far. I assume this is an issue with the nvidia drivers and not with TexStudio?

I still get into GRUB and from there, I can get into the shell. And also boot in recovery mode. When I do the "System Summary" it says under LVM State - Physical Volumes: (Bad). I don´t know if that is related though... Is there a way to "roll back" or to fix this issue without losing my configuration and my data?

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