I recently bought a new laptop with hybrid nvidia/Intel graphics (1060 with Max-Q if it matters). I forgot completely that those can be a real pain to deal with in Linux, so I started looking for what the current best options are. For my purposes, it looks like nvidia-xrun will be the best followed by Bumblebee.

My understanding is that nvidia-xrun starts a separate X session on a different tty of your choosing on the nvidia card that you run your graphics card intensive stuff on while the integrated graphics card handles the less intense things like your DE, web browser, etc.

This got me wondering if there was a way to do almost the same thing, but have the integrated card run a Wayland session instead of X11. Is this possible with nvidia-xrun or some other program? Or is it possible to just do this manually by starting whichever DE/WM I choose on the integrated graphics using Wayland and then start X on a different tty using the nvidia card (or are they mutually exclusive)?

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