I am having problems trying to load my .csv file into MySQL on my Centos box. My file is called 'OD_Orders.csv' is located in my home directory called /home/kam/KamSQLData

The error I get when I tried to load up the file into MySQL is:

mysql> LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '/home/kam/KamSQLData/OD_Orders.csv' INTO TABLE orders FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' LINES TERMINATED BY '\n'; ERROR 13 (HY000): File '/home/kam/KamSQLData/OD_Orders.csv' not found (Errcode: 13)

I did some reading and the usual culprit is Unix permissions are off or wrong. I than proceed to create a group (called KamSQLData) so the userid of 'mysql' and 'kam' can share the group on /home/kam/KamSQLData:


I then proceed to set /home/kam/KamSQLData as the group of 'KamSQLData', thinking both kam and mysql will have access to it.

-rwxr-xrwx.  1 root KamSQLData     2322 Feb 15 14:03 OD_Orders_2019-01-28.csv
-rwxr-xrwx.  1 root KamSQLData     5282 Feb 15 14:03 OD_Orders_2019-01-25.csv
-rwxr-xrwx.  1 root KamSQLData     4428 Feb 15 14:03 OD_Orders_2019-01-24.csv
-rwxr-xrwx.  1 root KamSQLData     9784 Feb 15 14:03 OD_Orders_2019-01-23.csv
-rwxr-xrwx.  1 root KamSQLData     3795 Feb 15 14:03 OD_Orders_2019-01-22.csv
-rwxr-xrwx.  1 root KamSQLData    11004 Feb 15 14:03 OD_Orders_2019-01-18.csv
-rwxr-xrwx.  1 root KamSQLData     3528 Feb 15 14:03 OD_Orders_2019-01-17.csv
-rwxr-xrwx.  1 root KamSQLData     5655 Feb 15 14:03 OD_Orders_2019-01-16.csv
-rwxr-xrwx.  1 root KamSQLData     2959 Feb 15 14:03 OD_Orders_2019-01-15.csv
-rwxr-xrwx.  1 kam  KamSQLData 27084955 Feb 15 14:21 OD_Orders.csv
drwx------. 12 kam  kam            4096 Feb 15 14:21 ..
drwxr-srwx.  2 root KamSQLData    20480 Feb 15 14:36 .

Than i went ahead and set the following to my directory:

sudo chmod -R 2775 /home/kam/KamSQLData/

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I ended taking the suggestion of Haxiel, where is never a good idea to make changes to the home directory (since everyone creation account(s) starts there). I placed my source data folder on /tmp and it already had the proper permission on that folder already (though I did run chmod -R 2775 to make sure). I was able to Load my .csv file(s) from that directory without modifying anything on SELinux or the home directory permission.

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