Is there a way in Linux to cleanly remove (i.e. 'safely remove') a USB device that is not a mass storage device before it is unplugged?

My problem:

I have a USB TV stick - a 'Mygica T230 DVB-T/T2/C'.

It works ok, and usually when I unplug it, syslog reports that it is 'successfully disconnected' and then the USB port can subsequently be used again as normal.

However, sometimes this isn't the case: I unplug it and the system doesn't realize that it has been disconnected. lsusb reports that it is still connected and the USB port is unusable until I reboot the computer. When I do reboot the computer it hangs, forcing me to hold the power button.

What I need is to be able to tell the computer to disconnect the device before I unplug it.

For an external hard drive I would use:

$ udisksctl power-off -b /dev/sdx

Is there an equivalent command for non mass storage devices?

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